Entrepreneurship and financial intelligence

The Entrepreneurship & Financial Intelligence (EFI) training course is designed to enable you take your financial future in your own hands and create the world of your dream. You will be equipped with the competencies you need to become a financially savvy entrepreneur. By training yourself to become an entrepreneur, you are developing your potentials to access a world of unlimited wealth. With the high rate of unemployment and stiff competition in the job market, learning to become an entrepreneur gives you the ability to become part of the solution. This training will help you understand how to take advantage of the myriad of opportunities around you and create a profitable business that can provide jobs and make you an employer. You will acquire the necessary skills for problem solving and learn how to build a business system around those skills. You will understand how to write winning business plans and mission statements, build and lead teams effectively. You will also learn cash flow management, marketing/communications management, systems management, product development and management.

    Our focus areas in this course include:
  • Website design & Development
  • Catering services; cake baking, snacks, etc
  • Fashion designing
  • Photography
  • Event management
  • Agribusiness; fishery, snailry, piggery, poultry, etc
  • Paint production